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The digital butterfly is the favorite company of the new economy

The butterfly is the company of the digital economy : light, fast and opportunist, it climbs ever higher and can even spot opportunities which may be far from its native field. It gaily gathers nectar from new families of flowers to find new clients, and without hesitation it goes with the changing wind and offers its client-flowers what they want. They express their need for speed and personal service ; it replies with intelligence, availability and by listening.

The theory I propose is basic, you understand : Internet and electronic commerce mark the beginning of a new economy which has already rewritten the rules, and which will create a new race of businesses.

If your company want to be on a par with them, it will have to become an electronic butterfly. Like every metamorphosis, it will be painful, but as we shall see later, as not all businesses have understood that they need to change ; you, dear reader, can overtake them by changing before they do. This is particularly true for those businesses who admit with apprehension that their North American or European competitors are already active on Internet, but who are perhaps only at the larva stage. Your delay is not necessarily a disaster (though you are right to be concerned), as you can quickly catch up if you decide to make the transformation quickly into a butterfly.

Before we dissect the electronic butterfly to study its anatomy, I suggest we look at several specimens in their natural habitat.

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