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Amazonis dotcomus : 100% automated sales

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A huge success

Unknown three years ago, Amazonis dotcomus (commonly known as, from its Internet address has become one of the best-known success stories on the NASDAQ and is quoted as an example in every lecture on electronic commerce. By creating the biggest bookstore in the world, the founders of Amazon relegated the previous holder of the title, Furet du Nord (the world's biggest real bookstore) to the status of a dinosaur in just a few months. Even better, the two main American book distribution companies realised only too late the transformation required, and lacking the huge investment necessary, have not managed to compensate for their delay. The first lesson of electronic commerce : first come, first served, and as the butterfly doesn't understand good manners, the first one takes all the pollen from the best flowers when it discovers a new field, and leaves the least interesting flowers for its fellow creatures. Don't let it happen to you. Thanks to its brilliant marketing and financial strategy, Amazon is streets ahead of Barnes and Noble ( and Borders ( which have now been relegated to the rank of simple challengers. Barnes and Noble have been forced to ally themselves with Bertelsmann, one of the German leaders of cultural product distribution, to obtain the means to compete with Amazonis dotcomus.

What is Amazon's secret ? The answer is, no stock : for those who work in publishing, who devote a large part of their energy to improving their stock management, the advantage is obvious. This allows the reduction of profit margins to the point of offering reductions amounting to 40% of the official price.

But the price is not enough to explain this commercial success : Amazon is, effectively, able to deliver books to a customer anywhere in the world, and to offer a complete range of delivery service (normal or express postal delivery, or by courier service such as UPS or Federal Express).

The biggest bookstore in the world

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