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Geocitiesus Communitaris

Family : community
Sub-family : Web-theme village

The name Geocities is mentioned far less frequently in the world of electronic commerce than that of Yahoo! It began in 1995 when a site known only to the initiated in Europe began to offer an e-mail service and free unconditional server space (for individuals, associations and businesses) at a time when Website hosting cost several thousand francs a year. In the space of a few months, tens of thousands of internauts rushed to take advantage of the opportunity whilst the service was still free. Today, there are several million subscribers to the service, which is still free in its basic version (which is mostly clogged). And these millions of internauts are regrouped by subjects, according to their interests. The different neighbourhoods of this mosaic of online communities are called Wall Street, Paris, Motorcity ...

The economic model of Geocities remained a mystery for a long time, as there was no advertising on the majority of pages, since they had been created by the users without Geocities' help. Since the beginning of 1998, Geocities has revealed the direction in which it is moving, as each time you connect to one of its community's pages, an advertising window opens on top at the same time. All Geocities' members are offered the chance to open an online store, this time by paying. A directory listing all its Websites has been created and its probably the largest in the world, from the point of view of the number of sites listed (2 million).

The digital butterfly as part of the network
Geocities represents another type of Internet family: communities. There are two ways of looking at selling by Internet. Either you wait until a gap in the market presents itself, and set up a commercial site to meet that need, or you try to contact the Internet user as soon as he connects to what are known as communities, to meet like-minded people and research information. This approach has two advantages : as well as allowing you to reach a predefined group of people on the Web, their e-mail addresses often reveal a certain amount of socio-economic data. Given the first obstacle facing the cyber-salesman, the anonymity of visitors to his site, the strategic position of communities becomes obvious.


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