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Digital paradises

This is the card being played by countries such as Mauritius, which has invested in the update of its telecommunications network at the same time as creating a legal and fiscal framework likely to attract investment by cyber-businesses. This is the same type of approach which was previously so successful in Singapore or Honk-Kong. By creating more favourable conditions than other countries, Mauritius will generate a knock-on effect which will stimulate its domestic economy and thus speed up its development.

All the existing fiscal paradises will probably board the Internet train. Already, these sorts of countries are setting up virtual casinos, in which you can play from anywhere in the world. This will obviously create problems, notably for European countries where this type of activity is strictly controlled.

The integral libertarianism of the Internet culture goes hand in hand with an economic liberalism, on which these virtual paradises are betting, and even though we are bound to see a series of international agreements, signed by the majority of countries, which will more or less strictly regulate virtual commerce, the existence of these paradises will not be challenged.

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