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Which option for you ?

Like the majority of today's businesses, you have probably opted for the second solution : use the new technology to improve what you do now.  It's one option, but you should be aware that it's missing out on the real potential of the new technology.  If you make the second choice, you are selecting only the tractor of the industrial revolution, whereas there are also super-tankers, supersonic aeroplanes, cars, motorways, domestic appliances, skyscrapers, television, electricity, the atomic bomb, tape recorders ...  In the same way, e-mail is only a simple transposition of traditional mail, and the majority of online stores are only printed catalogues whose pages can be turned with a mouse.  These applications are rather like the tractors of the industrial society, and it's up to us to create the future Ferrari or Boeing of the digital economy.

You should be aware of something else : the big landowners who controlled the agricultural economy found themselves gradually losing their power as new activities developed and the industrial companies started to multiply.

Today's businesses will lose their value and will be replaced by new elements which it would be inaccurate to call businesses (they are the virtual butterflies).

The following table compares the fundamental elements of different economic systems :


Agricultural economy

Industrial economy

Digital economy





Place of activity






Big landowner

Big production unit

Flexible and adaptable




Unchanging /

job for life


one or two careers

Permanent renewal

Five or six careers




Initial training

Initial and continuous


Skills needed


Workman, employee


Project director,


Production method





Research and



Almost none


An essential part of

the culture of all

economic elements

Economic tools


Finance, mass

production, marketing


Speed, innovation,

specialist knowledge,

dynamism of network

Essential item for

increased value

Raw materials



Needs satisfied


Basic needs

Material needs

Intellectual and

immaterial needs



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