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Commercial service providers

Although there are exceptions, in general the portals, communities and agents don't usually operate an ecommerce , they only enter into partnership with an ecommerce site that they present and make it visible to Internet users. The people who create the service itself belong to another group : the offer suppliers. They select manufacturers, products, make up the ecommerce site, present it in a coherent marketing manner, set up online stores, manage invoices and customer relationship (pre-sales, sales and after-sales service).

Offer suppliers are divided into two sub-groups :
- primary offer suppliers : these are in direct contact with the producers of goods or services, from whom they obtain their supplies and sell, either direct to the final client, or indirectly via access providers or secondary service providers ;
- secondary offer suppliers : these are based on the service created by the primary service providers, by adding supplementary services.

Primary offer suppliers

1. Consolidators

Rather like insurance brokers, they put together a commercial package, present and sell it to their clients, but almost immediately hand over to their supplier, who retains an important part of the customer contact.

Consolidators by theme

The archetypal example of a consolidator is Auto-by-tel-, which allows its users to select the model of their choice and to find the dealer who is selling that model. But once contact has been established, Auto-by-tel takes a commission and withdraws from the commercial relationship. The added value for the customer here lies in the quality and relevance of the commercial information on offer, for products which, apart from on Internet, demand a laborious and complex process of information research.




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