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Secondary offer suppliers

It's not enough to put together a commercial service and present it on a website to sell it. You also have to attract buyers to the site, by using all the relevant webmarketing techniques to reach the targeted audience : registering, exchanging hypertext links, communication outside Internet, on and off-line advertising ... everyone knows how it should be done and everyone does it. To increase and consolidate its commercial visibility, it has quickly become indispensable to sign agreements with access providers. The market leaders of CDs, books, cars or financial services distribution have all signed sponsoring agreements which resemble affiliation programmes, with the portal sites. But it is noticeable that consumers need more and more detailed information in order to choose among the vast range of primary service providers, such as portals or communities.

This is where the secondary offer suppliers come in, who offer a qualitative approach, which is complementary to the quantitative approach offered by the primary offer suppliers.

1. The selectors

There are any number of selective guides in the physical world (Michelin, Argos for cars and other consumer-orientated guides). Their income is mostly generated from subscriptions and advertising. Even if they are not yet widely available on Internet except in the domain of computer technology, their number is growing. But their economic concept will probably be slightly modified, as the service itself becomes more and more complicated. presents itself as a buyer's guide for the cyberconsumer. It continually carries out trials to test the quality of services sold in online stores, and follows the latest news of network sales. This idea is midway between that of the Michelin guides and Which ? magazine.

eSmart- is a pioneer American version whose content is both extremely rich and intelligently thought out. It concerns a series of specialised mini-guides, on such subjects as banking, cars, food products, toys, computer technology ... Each of these guides presents a state-of-the-art critical review of the service available, reduction coupons and shopping assistants which precisely compare a product's lowest prices, in the same way as comparison shoppers. Discussion spaces allow shoppers to share their online shopping experiences and, if appropriate, give their opinion on a particular retailer. The site is sponsored by commercial sites, or those linked to the world of consumerism, as is the case with or, two sites aimed at children. But the site has also made a selection of the most useful sites for the consumer (eSmart recommends SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes- which presents over 50,000 recipes). Finally, free newsletters reinforce eSmart's community approach, which presents itself as a community for online buyers. For the moment, the community aspect is in fact an additional accessory, and the fundamental concept is that of a buyer's guide.

The primary service providers' strength lies in the importance of the service which they offer. As for the secondary service providers, they are based on a qualitative selection of this overall service. The selection might, for example, be made according to price or the quality of goods.

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