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New real estate online platforms


Over the last year, the traditional players in the real estate sector - agencies in the lead - have been dealing with a general (albeit shy) price decline, but also with a legal framework that imposes new obligations on homeowners (ALUR law). The rating agency Standard and Poor's even predicts that rock prices in France are expected to fall by 3% this year.

The tension in the real estate market is not bad news for everyone. Several new players, mainly start-ups, are launching to bring their solutions. Review of their strategies.

Collaborative investment

Because one does not always have the means to become owner alone, Internet makes it possible to buy several. More specifically, there are crowdfunding platforms dedicated to real estate, such as Homunity. To integrate a purchase project, the condition is to prove a minimum contribution of 5,000 euros. If the property meets the totality of the necessary financing, individuals wishing to invest are grouped under a SCI (civil society).

Investors can go through this marketplace to sell their shares if they wish. Above all: they do not need to take care of the administrative formalities and the rental of the property. Homunity does it. To get paid, the company receives a portion of the commission paid by the buyers to one of the partner agencies, as a business contributor. She also receives the management fees for the created SCIs.

Last April, after five months of existence, four properties had been purchased via the platform, told Frenchweb one of the co-founders of the start-up, Quentin Romet. Based in Paris, the company was founded in September 2014 and the service launched late last year.

Homunity is far from the only one to have scoured the vein of crowdfunding real estate in France. There is also,, Anaxago Immobilier which proposes to invest from 1 000 euros and the start-up Toulouse Lymo, which also proposes to invest tickets from 1 000 euros and commits to a profitability of 10% per year.

Angle of attack: mutualize the contributions.

Disintermit the new purchase

Ikimo9 is for individuals wishing to buy a new home without an intermediary, whether for a primary residence or as an investment. This start-up founded in La Ciotat, near Marseille, by Elisabeth Julien, publishes a site linking individuals and developers wishing to invest in real estate. In this market place, they can make an appointment via the site and carry out property searches by promoter, by city, by budget, by type of surface and according to the delivery date of the property.

For the moment, the characteristics of about 5,000 new dwellings are detailed on the site, although the coverage of geographical areas remains disparate. Created in May 2014, Ikimo9 raised 120,000 euros from private investors to get started.

Angle of attack: avoid real estate agents and heritage advisors.

The gamble of geolocation

Based in Normandy, Hérouville-Saint-Clair, this start-up publishes geolocated real estate ads. "All real estate sites offer their properties for sale or rent in list form, but do not locate them geographically on a map. has developed a smart engine that analyzes the text of ads. When he spots a neighborhood, the name of a street, a monument or even a metro or bus station in the script, he directly positions the property in question on a map in full screen. If there is no geographical information, "it is positioned by default in the city center," explained the founder in June 2014. The site is paid through premium ads and through the sale of qualified leads vendors wishing entrust their project to a real estate agent (model of an intermediary).

On the same principle of geolocation, there are also GeoLocaux, which targets only companies in search of premises, and La Carte des Colocs (to geolocate roommates) and La Carte Immobiliere that targets the activity of individuals. This concept of geolocation reminds the one applied by the American sites Zillow and Trulia.

Angle of Attack: End the long lists of ads and switch to interactive maps.

Connect buildings

Tomorrow, the whole environment will be connected, even the houses and apartments. It is from this observation that was founded in 2011 the start-up Intent Technologies. Based in Lille, it markets a digital services infrastructure for connected objects in the home and building. This is in the form of an open source platform powered by a network of sensors, connected to "boxes". Residents and building professionals can consult the information on this property at any time. The goal is to be able to save energy and receive alerts of malfunctions of equipment (ventilation, heating, access control, lifts ...) in real time. As a result, Intent Technologies targets residential property managers and social landlords.

Angle of Attack: Audit buildings in real time.

Advice from the community before choosing a professional

Immodvisor is a platform of opinions between individuals on professionals in the real estate, construction and housing. Located in the "Hub Creatic" in Nantes, it was founded in February 2014 by Jean-Philippe Emeriau. He based his project on a report made by Ifop in 2012: 70% of French consider that the real estate sector is opaque. For clarity, Immodvisor allows clients of agencies, building society, rental, to recommend or otherwise warn about a business in the area. Notices can be used for purchase, rental, renovation, property management, etc. To ensure the reliability of the notices, the site is committed to comply with the recent standard Afnor Z74-501. The site also includes a directory of "best real estate professionals".

The site is free for individuals and generates a turnover by charging a service to professionals wishing to go through the site to develop their customer relationship, and therefore interact directly with the audience of

Angle of attack: Share experiences for more transparency.

What impact for real estate developers?

In these conditions of change for the real estate markets, arises the question of the consequences for traditional actors such as MGM French Properties, which proposes property for sale in the French Alps. First of all, regarding collaborative investment, there is no doubt that the impact will be positive for the particular sector of tourist housing. Since the interest of a mountain purchase is not necessarily for residential purposes, sharing a flat sometimes very expensive can be a solution ideal for individuals who want to invest their money.

In the case of Ikimo9 and disintermediation, this is once again a positive step for developers who should logically receive a new influx of purchase requisitions while reducing their representation needs. Geolocation and real estate intelligence services are here again synonymous with good news. More information for buyers means more interest directed at promoters who are increasingly represented in new databases such as Intent Technologies or

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